Craftsmanship behind our Pocket Squares

All our pocket squares are made from 100% Italian Silk Twill,  produced and digitally printed in the famous Lake Como district of Italy. The area is famous for its rich heritage of silk production, as well as the creation of beautiful pattern designs. This legacy allows us to provide our customers with high quality fabrics that are perfect for the modern gentleman.

Produced using local craftsmanship

Working with Lake Como’s local craftspeople ensures top quality products, since they have many years of experience in this field. Silk weaving is an art and these men and women are the experts.Using traditional jacquard looms, they can create pocket square fabrics in pure silk and reproduce complex patterns with flawless attention to detail.

Assured product excellence 

Here at Mr. Jenks, our mission is to ensure we bring our customers pocket squares of the highest quality. This was the motivation behind our decision to choose 100% silk twill because we find it to be the best material.The fabric is very soft, yet incredibly durable and looks luxurious. The size of each square is 33 cm x 33 cm - dimensions that suit a breast pocket perfectly and allow for a fuller fold. Whether you want a timeless, classic design or something that’s on-trend and stylish, Mr. Jenks has what you need to express yourself.

Created From Vintage Patterns 

Our designs are chosen from an ancient archive used by our craftspeople in Lake Como. This dates back to 1902 and contains an amazing range of timeless patterns. Once we choose a design we think our customers will love, we personalise it by adding our chosen colour or tweaking it slightly. Sometimes we find ourselves inspired by modern trends or local Irish artists and will have our experts create a unique pocket square just for Mr. Jenks customers.