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"It has long been an axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important" - Sherlock Holmes

Mr. Jenks is in complete agreement with the legendary detective. We aim to allow men to use the finest traditional accessories to display their own innate style, elegance and personality. Working closely with our artisans and their extensive archives in Italy, Mr. Jenks subtly updates patterns and colours resulting in a contemporary and refined accompaniment to any suit or jacket.


Regardless of whether you need a timeless or more on-trend design, Mr. Jenks constantly strives to offer a Pocket Square or umbrella that will enhance your outfit. Our silk mill in Como has archives going back a century with unique, classic patterns. Utilising this treasure trove of amazing patterns allows Mr. Jenks to offer a constantly evolving array of both classic and modern options.

Design is essential to a great product and Mr. Jenks takes pride in offering terrific patterns, infused with colour and enlivened with our own modern twist.


Quality is paramount at Mr. Jenks and runs through everything we do. From sourcing our pocket squares from 100% Italian silk mills in Como or working with craftsmen from the Novara region to produce our umbrellas right through to hand wrapping and packaging our pocket squares individually, we do everything in our power to ensure the highest quality products reach you in pristine condition. We take painstaking care to offer the best service we can to our customers – not least by offering free delivery to Europe and North America.


The happiness of our customers is incredibly important to us. We take painstaking care over the pocket squares we sell, so we believe the service we provide should be of that same high quality. To ensure your pocket square is in the best condition when it reaches you, each one is packaged individually. 

We believe that our customers should feel confident and proud when styling our products and hope to help them achieve this. We strive to leave each customer extremely satisfied with their Mr. Jenks purchase, and do so by ensuring we only offer and provide the best products available. When you buy from Mr. Jenks, the tell-tale sign of our passion is in the quality.