Umbrellas are often forgotten about when it comes to building a stylish ensemble. Relegated to an afterthought, they are grabbed on the way out the door if it’s raining out or purchased for €3 during a downpour and then stuffed, broken, into a bin shortly afterwards.

These stoic structures are seen as unexceptional objects that are practical to own in a country like Ireland but provide no real joy or sartorial pleasure. Practical they are, but no more so than a good pair of shoes, which are given much more time and care when bought.

An umbrella can add real elegance and flair to an overall look. But we’re not talking about the cheap, flimsy, plastic versions that you can practically fit in your pocket – we mean a quality gentleman’s umbrella.

Why you should invest in an umbrella

Add up the amount of money you’ve spent on cheap umbrellas that break and raincoats that leak and you’ll see the sense in investing in a sturdy piece of artistry that will last you a very long time.

Sophisticated, regal, dependable – these are just some of the words to describe a true piece of craftsmanship, like our own range of umbrellas.

A quality handmade umbrella will keep you dry and your outfit looking crisp and fresh for many years. Very few things look good on a wet dreary day, but you’ll cut a fine figure under a handcrafted umbrella designed with timeless fabric and skill.

Many of the world’s finest umbrellas come from Italy, which is why we sourced our collection from the Novara province. Each one is a combination of quality Italian materials and techniques passed down through generations. Every umbrella in Mr. Jenks’ range has that signature style and elegance the world has come to expect from Italian craftspeople.


What to look for in a good umbrella

Quality materials and a strong, dependable structure should be your priorities when investing in an umbrella. Cheap umbrellas fall apart quickly, especially in a country like Ireland that has strong winds, but this isn’t the case for every model. Well-made pieces built by experienced craftspeople are designed to last and to keep you protected during a rainstorm.

From the handcrafted beechwood shaft to the waterproof resin used to create the canopy, every element of our umbrellas is made with skill and care, guaranteeing you an investment that lasts.

Umbrellas and rain etiquette

With great umbrellas comes great responsibilities and a gentleman must always honour etiquette. Here are some codes of conduct when using one of our quality handcrafted products,

Pay attention

We doubt there is a person in Ireland who has been hit in the face with an umbrella at some point in their lives and this only happens because the owner wasn’t paying attention. Umbrellas may not be as dangerous as a car, but a gentleman stays aware of his surroundings when using one.

Mind how you handle it

When carrying a closed umbrella, don’t tuck it under your arm or you will most likely impale someone with it.

Share gracefully

Male or female, if you're walking with someone and they don’t have an umbrella or hood, you should offer them shelter under your umbrella. Grip it with your hand with the end pointing downwards or take advantage of our timeless handle designs and hook it over your arm.

Open your umbrella in the street

It’s rude to open your umbrella indoors or in a doorway. Not only are you blocking people exiting the building, but you’re also forcing the people trying to enter to stay outside in the rain. And of course, there’s the chance you’ll open it in someone’s face…

When entering a building…

Place it an umbrella stand or store it in a plastic bag. It’s bad manners – and also quite dangerous – to leave water trails in a building or establishment where other people are passing through.

When entering an apartment…

Leave your umbrella in the building’s hallway unless your host has an umbrella stand. You don’t want to leave a puddle in the entryway of a small apartment.

When entering a house…

You can store your umbrella in the porch if it has one, otherwise, ask the homeowner where to put it. Houses that are big enough often have a dedicated area for umbrellas.

Using public transport

Do not – we repeat: do NOT – leave your wet umbrella on a seat. It doesn’t matter if the bus or tram is half empty. Someone will sit on that seat eventually and it will be wet. It’s just bad manners.

Our classically stylish umbrellas are available now in six elegant designs. Be sure to grab one before winter arrives.

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