Introducing.. Royal Irish Poplin Ties

Passion. Expertise. Dedication.

These are some of the attributes of the skilled craftsmen that create our ties. Handmade in Northern Ireland by a timeless manufacturer that has nearly 200 years of experience, each Mr. Jenks Royal Irish Poplin Tie is a unique piece of art. 

Since they have been awarded a royal warrant by Queen Victoria in 1837, they have been the only company to produce Royal Irish Poplin, a 50/50 blend of the finest Silk and Australian Merino Wool.  

The beauty of our Irish poplin ties is that the wool and the silk, blend magnificently well. The wool content holds the knot and the elasticity it provides means the silk doesn't crease as much as pure silk. 

The artisans we work with and the access to extensive pattern archives that Mr. Jenks has, acts as a constant source of inspiration that enhances their ability to deliver a world-class product.

All of this combined creates a necktie with great character, one that belongs in everyone's tie collection.

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