There is something undeniably sophisticated about a man carrying an umbrella. Of course, it has its practical uses, especially here in Ireland, but around the world, stylish men have used umbrellas to enhance their outfit for centuries whether it’s for business, pleasure or a formal event.

Umbrellas have a rich history. They were initially used by pharaohs, emperors and aristocrats, but became more widely used among the masses as the years progressed. By the middle ages, umbrellas were a must-have accessory for stylish men across Europe and during the 17th century, they adopted the beautifully elegant curved handles that many fashion-conscious men favour today.

A great umbrella should be the perfect combination of sturdiness, sophistication and style, and as with the best suits or pocket squares, quality craftsmanship is key.

It’s Mr. Jenks’ mission to provide stylish men with the ultimate array of elegant accessories and with this in mind, we’ve now added a classic collection of handcrafted umbrellas to our repertoire. Created individually by hand in the Novara province of Italy, each piece in this new range is a true work of art that takes eight days to make.

The combination of Italian materials and expert skill results in a timeless umbrella that is both handsome and durable, while the personalised processed ensures no two pieces are the same. Here we have some insight into this time-honoured process:


Each element of the umbrella is made on site with the exception of the carving required for the beech-wood shaft. However, authenticity and craftsmanship is incredibly important to the process so these are sourced from another Italian supplier to preserve quality.

Mr. Jenks - Assembling the umbrellas


To ensure durability and precision, the workshop’s experts cut the material by hand, using 100% microfiber polyester with acrylic and waterproof resin. Timelessly elegant designs are chosen to ensure an overall look that is both classic and sophisticated.

Mr. Jenks - Cutting the umbrellas fabric


Our collection of umbrellas features a variety of wooden handles to suit a wide range of tastes. We offer shiny maple and chestnut handles, both of which are burned and polished by hand to create a beautiful colour and finish. We also supply umbrellas with authentic Malacca handles where the wood has been sourced from Malacca Island in Malaysia.

Mr. Jenks - Green & Cream Umbrella - Mallaca Handle Mr. Jenks - Orange & Purple Floral Umbrella - Shining Maplewood Handle Mr. Jenks - Dark & Light Brown Umbrella - Chestnut Handle

There are going to be different designs available with a variety of colours and handles that are sure to complement all styles. Our classic umbrellas will add sophistication to any outfit while providing a stylish solution to Irish rain.

Our umbrellas are now available!

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