Building a Tie collection, where to start?

As with so much in life, where do you start?

The tie – like the pocket square – has certainly gone through a renaissance in recent years. It is being worn again in more casual and smart social environments as ever more gents realise the panache it brings and the stylistic statement it makes about the wearer. Ties though for many remain part of the work uniform – with all the overtones of the daily commute and probably memories of schooldays. Nonetheless, be it for boardroom heroics or bar stool evening elegance, a good selection of ties is a necessity.

Given the ever increasing costs of good quality neckwear – a decent silk tie is now in the vicinity of 75 Euros meaning that buying carefully and well is becoming ever more critical. Add in the variety of fabric - madder or printed silks, grenadines and woven even before you choose patterns and colours and building a collection that will see you from the morning office to the evening bar is trickier than one might expect!

Like any item of coloured clothing, the fundamental building block is to find those colours that suit your completion – a liking for a funky pink paisleys is rather wasted if pink naturally doesn’t sit with your hair and skin tones. Darker, more muted colours are also probably the way forward in a corporate work environment though those in more creative professions will certainly enjoy more leeway. Whilst single block coloured ties appear to enjoy much popularity for office based chaps.. stripes, floral and paisley patterns are actually perfectly acceptable and still allow a degree of individual taste to shine through. Even if work is exceedingly strict, it’s always worth keeping a spare, more colourful tie in the office desk for the evening’s assignation.

Brown Striped Poplin Tie - Mr. Jenks
Floral Purple Tie - Mr. Jenks
Burgundy Paisley Poplin Tie - Mr. Jenks

Unless a tie is torn somehow or irrevocably stained, providing it is well looked after it will have a long life span. As such, even the office based workers amongst you do not need to generate a wardrobe of dozens – better to go for the very best you can afford and concentrate on quality and the exact look that complements the maximum number of shirt and suit combinations you have. Given a classic and elegant tie should never be brashly in people’s faces, wearing a small rotation of quality ties is preferable to have a dozen bought in haste.

Whilst placing a number on such a personal accessory is never wise, the core (stress core, you can expand as required/ desired) lies probably at six or seven ties. This allows for a fresh tie between Monday and Friday with the option of one or two more casual, flamboyant ties to cut a dash in when required. The breakdown is certainly one of personal taste but out of the work five, a couple of woven stripped and a pair of patterned madder silk would offer contrasts in colour and texture whilst being restrained enough to fit into any corporate situation. A grenadine tie is a useful addition to the wardrobe – due to its unique texture it can be seen as slightly more casual than a printed silk but discreet enough to still wear with a suit.

The tie remains a critical part of the man’s wardrobe, the old adage, “the tie comes into the room before the man” still rings true.

Research, try and contemplate before buying – rather like looking after good shoes, a tie that is carefully hung or rolled up after each use will last for years - so should be deemed worthy of investment. A quality tie shines through – it shows taste and like a well fitted suit or jacket allows you to confidently turn yourself out to best advantage .

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