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January 03, 2016

Welcome to Part 2 of Mr. Jenks’ looking after your Pocket Square Blog Post!

Our first post was about how to care for a Silk Pocket Square so to expand on Pocket Square care, we’re now going to focus on caring for a Linen Pocket Square.

Cleaning your Linen Pocket Square

Similar to Silk, Linen is a delicate material. Therefore, we strongly recommend dry cleaning your Product. If not possible, take precaution when cleaning your Pocket Square at home. When washing linen, be sure to separate coloured and plain Pocket Squares. Linen is a colour that will absorb other colours so don’t make this mistake and damage your Pocket Square. When hand washing, always use lukewarm water to ensure your linen Pocket Square fibres are not damaged by a high heat. Depending on how intensely you need to wash your pocket square, you may decide to add detergent. If so, use a minimal amount and ensure to rinse well as you do not want a residue on your Pocket Square.

Never use a Washing Machine to clean your Pocket Square – linen is a natural fibre that cannot withstand high degree temperature or intense spinning for an extended period of time.

Drying your Pocket Square

As mentioned in our previous post, drying a Linen or Silk Pocket Square in the sunlight can cause colour loss. Should your Pocket Square be water saturated, we advise dabbing with a towel to remove excess water. Note - do not wring the linen Pocket Square, this will damage the fibres and affect the overall finish of the Pocket Square. To dry, place flat in a warm, dry place away from direct sunlight. An example of this would be a Hot Press or Towel Store as any excess moisture would be absorbed.

Removing Creases from your Pocket Square

You may find your Linen Pocket Square creases when styling a certain fold in your Jacket Pocket for the day. Do not panic - this is a natural characteristic of linen. One way to remove creases from linen is to iron at a very cool temperature under a thin cloth or cotton material. Note – do not iron the edges of your Pocket Square, this will damage the rolled edges.

As always, we hope this blog post adds value to your Pocket Square care. Please feel free to leave a comment below or contact us on if you have any other queries.

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