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We are beginning our journey to be your ‘Go To’ for Pocket Squares and look forward to having you with us along the way. Dating back to Roman times, a Pocket Square has always been a gentleman's accessory. 

Throughout history we’ve seen many iconic legends sporting a Pocket Square and this is a tradition we believe should be continued. After researching Pocket Squares in depth we realised that they are an underutilized accompaniment and very difficult to find! We then decided Mr. Jenks will be the one to modernise the Pocket Square tradition. With that, Mr. Jenks was born!

To us, Pocket Squares show Sophistication and Class so surely the Pocket Square needs to say that too. That’s one of the reasons we chose 100% Silk and 100% Linen for our Collection. Silk is a luxurious material and personally our favourite choice for a Pocket Square. After researching designs online we found a lot of the modern day Pocket Squares were lacking extravagant patterns and many were branded with a pattern of trend. This is not the type of Pocket Square Mr. Jenks considers as a Luxury Product so we decided to create a unique Selection to illustrate class and luxury.

Nearly every man in life wants to be in a position where he looks great and feel great. Your outfit and accessories can contribute a lot to this so we want to help you achieve this.

For our first collection, we’ve chosen 15 Unique designs – 13 Silk and 2 Linen. Each Pocket Square has a unique pattern with a luxurious finish.

We hope you enjoy shopping with Mr. Jenks and we look forward to having you on our journey!

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December 13, 2016

Couldn’t recommend enough, my boyfriend had a last minute wardrobe emergency the day before a wedding so couldn’t order online, I emailed my situation and they couldn’t have been more helpful. I was met after work hours to collect my order, they offered to hand deliver but I was in work myself. Highly recommend.

Ian Jenkins
Ian Jenkins

November 02, 2015

Good luck with your new adventure and I wish you all the success. It’s what men need a touch of class to impress.

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