Five reasons why every Gentleman should wear a Pocket Square

1. Sophistication

Pocket Squares have always been a symbol of class and act as a refined way to show your sophistication. In ancient times it was the elite society that commonly accessorised with a Pocket Square and this created a huge desire amongst others to appear just as sophisticated. Throughout the centuries we have seen many famous icons such as Frank Sinatra, John F. Kennedy and many more sporting a pocket square on all kinds of occasions. Still to this day, these characters act as icons for Pocket Squares.

2. Clever Fashion Investment

Often we spend money investing in the latest trend which most of the time doesn’t stick around. Sometimes we go to great lengths and expense to acquire something for a particular season but once this period passes we wait centuries for the trend to return. However, as seen with the History of Pocket Squares, this fashion investment is something that has been around for centuries and we’re confident it will stay that way. As with many high street fashions, the patterns or designs are limited and suffice for one season only. However, when browsing Mr. Jenks collection, you will find we have chose unique patterns and designs that we think will never go out of fashion!

3. Complete your Look

We’ve all been in that situation when you want to add a little extra to your outfit but just not sure how. The great thing about Pocket Squares is that they’re a commodity that has the ability to complete your look. Whether your Pocket Square is an outfit finisher or even something used to co-ordinate it all, it’s the perfect gentleman’s accessory for almost any occasion.

4. Dress to Impress

“You only get the chance to make one first impression” and most of the time, the desired outcome of your first impression is to impress. Whether it’s at the office, a formal occasion or going out, you’ll want to make sure you’ll draw attention for the right reasons. Pocket Squares have the ability to do this and as mentioned above, helps a gents sophistication shine through.

5. Be Yourself!

Pocket Squares allow you to express your own style and personality. Whether you prefer flamboyant over plain, polka dot over paisley, you can express your personal style through your Pocket Square. So choose your Pattern, choose your Style and wear your Mr. Jenks Pocket Square with pride!

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